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Flexographic Label Printing

4 Flexo Presses. 10 Colours. 50 Substrates. Unlimited Possibilities

Intelligent Quality Management

Our attention on product labels begins with a rigorous 100% automatic print inspection, which ensures quality and eliminates defects. By incorporating Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) components, we improve this process and create a fresh standard for automatic print inspection. We've also introduced Lean Manufacturing Principles and the Six Sigma technique, which have resulted in more efficient processes and higher quality.

To ensure quality, our quality assurance lab meticulously keeps samples from each production cycle. These samples are thoroughly tested for print abrasion resistance, accelerated weathering, migration, adhesive effectiveness, and high-speed application appropriateness.



Finest Raw Materials

Accutech prioritises quality by procuring premium paper and filmic labelstock from well-known suppliers such as Avery Dennison, UPM Raflatac, and Lintec. We specialise in converting specialist labelstocks for demanding applications and regulated markets, ensuring our clients receive high-quality materials. To produce exact pantone shades and decorative elements, we use high-quality inks and foils. Our automated ink kitchen, powered by the Pantone Colour Matching System (PMS), ensures constant colour accuracy across all production runs.

Micron Precision & Accuracy

Accutech emphasises regulatory compliance, especially in organisations such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food and beverage. This dedication motivates our ongoing investment in modern technologies for our ERP systems, prepress, flexo presses, tooling, converting, and quality control processes. These innovations allow us to optimise production, resulting in labels with superior clarity, detail, and colour consistency.

We rely on label presses and machinery imported directly from reputable companies such as Bobst, AVT, and Brotech. This enables us to handle big volumes at high speeds while maintaining exact registration tolerances, resulting in superior label quality at competitive prices.



Batch Coding Ease

Our batch coding solution makes it easier to print batch numbers and variable data on your items. Our ERP system functions efficiently with your production plan, ensuring that batch-specific labels are created and supplied exactly when required. If you prefer to handle batch coding in-house, codeX offers a variety of alternatives, including TTR, TTO Ribbons, RFID, and barcoding.

Label Design Consultation

Professionally designed labels matched to your brand and sector will help your product stand out. Our Design Studio, which includes professional product designers and prepress artists, specialises in developing labels that reflect your brand's identity and product essence. We collaborate with your design, marketing, supply chain, regulatory, and production teams to ensure that our labels satisfy your quality and performance expectations.

Use our Design Studio's expertise in techniques such as cold foil, hot foil, UV varnishes, bespoke dies, and color-changing inks to enhance your label's design. In a competitive market, a unique label design is crucial for catching consumer attention and distinguishing your products from others.



Leading R&D

Accutech's R&D section is at the centre of developing innovative printing effects, embellishments, and anti-counterfeit features. Our expertise includes specialised label applications such as sterile environments, severe temperatures, and oil and solvent resistance. In addition, we provide labels with unique features such as color-changing capabilities in response to temperature variations. Our unique labelling solutions will improve your packaging and the customer experience

Sustainable Labeling

Labels are an indispensable part of product packaging and supply chains. At Accutechlabels, we have always adopted sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing practices that reduce our carbon footprint and improve the wellbeing of our workers. We source paper labelstock that is made from certified fibers, use solvent free inks, invest in waste management and recycling, and even offer bioplastic labels made from cellulose. Contact our specialists to learn about sustainable label options and release liner recycling solutions.