Extended Text Labels

Extended Text Labels are user interface elements used in software programs to display descriptive text or other information that surpasses the area available in a regular label, allowing for complete communication within limited screen real estate.

Transparent Labels :

Transparent labels are clear adhesive materials that keep the surface visible, providing a sleek and professional look for product packaging and branding.

Inverted Hanging Labels :

Inverted Hanging Labels are tags or labels applied to objects such that they hang upside down, usually showing product information or branding. This unusual orientation facilitates identification and improves shelf visibility, making them a popular choice for retail and inventory management.

Batch Coded Labels :

Batch coded labels are identification labels applied to products or packaging that carry alphanumeric codes that identify a specific production batch, allowing for traceability and quality control.

Back-numbering Labels :

Back-numbering labels are sticky tags or stickers that denote the chronological order or sequence of items. They are often affixed in reverse order to assist the organization and retrieval of archived data.

Medical Devices Labels :

Medical Device Labels are essential tags that provide usage instructions, regulatory compliance, and safety warnings for medical equipment, assuring patient safety and standard adherence, which is critical for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Cold Chain Labels :

Cold chain labels are specialized adhesive tags used to keep temperature-sensitive products intact along the supply chain, providing proper storage and transportation conditions from manufacturing to consumption. These labels are critical in ensuring the quality and safety of perishable goods such as medications, food, and biologics.

Alu Alu Foils

Alu Alu Foils are specialized pharmaceutical-grade packaging materials made up of layers of aluminum foil and polyvinyl chloride. They provide good barrier characteristics against moisture, gases, and light, which are critical for maintaining the integrity and efficacy of pharmaceutical items.

Metallic Look Labels :

Metallic look labels are adhesive stickers or tags that simulate the appearance of metal surfaces, providing a sleek and shiny finish for product labelling or branding. They provide a refined appearance with a metallic shine, increasing visual appeal and adding a touch of refinement to packaging and promotional materials.

Satin Finish Labels :

Satin finish labels have a smooth and shiny surface, giving them a rich appearance and increasing the visual appeal of the products. They blend elegance and durability, making them suitable for premium branding and high-end package solutions.

Hot & Cold Foiling :

Hot foiling is a printing technique that uses heat to apply metallic foil to surfaces, resulting in a rich and reflective appearance. Cold foiling, on the other hand, produces a comparable effect without the use of heat, making it a versatile and cost-effective option for embellishing a variety of materials.

Freeze Proof Labels :

Freeze-resistant labels are sticky tags that can withstand extreme cold without losing adhesion or readability, making them essential for enterprises that store or transport commodities in freezing temperatures such as food, pharmaceuticals, and logistics.

Sustainable Labels :

Sustainable labels serve as indicators of items or practices that meet environmental, social, and economic sustainability standards. They provide consumers with clear information to help them make ethical and responsible decisions, thereby supporting environmental conservation, social fairness, and ethical production techniques.

Holographic Labels :

Holographic labels are sticky tags with holographic graphics that serve as a visually appealing and secure method of product authentication and counterfeit prevention. They use three-dimensional graphics to increase brand visibility and maintain product integrity.

UL Approved Labels :

UL Approved Labels are Adhesive tags or stickers that have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet high safety and performance standards, guaranteeing that items comply with industry norms and standards.

Durable Outdoor Labels :

Durable outdoor labels are weather-resistant adhesive tags that are resistant to extreme environmental conditions, providing long-term readability and durability in outside situations. These labels are ideal for use on equipment, signage, and outside assets, providing dependable identification and information even in harsh outdoor situations.

Serial Number Labels :

Serial number labels are unique identifiers attached to items, equipment, or components that allow for traceability and identification throughout their existence. They are crucial indicators for inventory management, warranty tracking, and quality control.

Direct Thermal Labels :

Direct thermal labels act as an ink-free option for efficient printing in logistics, retail, and healthcare, using heat-sensitive material to produce clear pictures and barcodes. Their cost-effectiveness and convenience make them an indispensable tool for streamlining operations in a variety of industries.

Quality Control Labels :

Quality Control Labels are visual indicators that are applied to products or packaging to signify adherence to strict quality standards and ensure consistency in production operations. They provide a rapid reference for consumers and inspectors, ensuring the product's dependability and perfection.

Tamper Evident Labels :

Tamper-evident labels are security seals that demonstrate when a product has been tampered with, providing visible evidence of interference or unauthorized access. These labels are critical for maintaining product integrity and protecting consumers by discouraging tampering and counterfeiting attempts.

Heat Resistant Labels :

Heat resistant labels are specially designed adhesive labels that can survive high temperatures without deteriorating or losing adhesion. They are widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing for product identification and tracking.

Metallic effect Labels :

Metallic effect labels are labels with a metallic finish that closely resembles the appearance of metallic surfaces like gold, silver, or bronze. These labels lend a sense of elegance and sophistication to items, making them stand out on store shelves and increasing brand visibility.

Lami Tube Labels :

Lami Tube Labels are specialized labels designed for use on laminated tubes, providing long-lasting branding and product information solutions for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other sectors. Lami Tube Labels are waterproof and tear-resistant, ensuring long-term visibility and compliance with regulatory standards.

In-Mould Labels :

In-Mould Labels (IML) are a labelling technique in which labels are inserted into the mould before the plastic is injected, resulting in a seamless integration with the product's surface. This method guarantees durability, resistance to wear, and bright, long-lasting images.

Shrink Sleeve Labels :

Shrink sleeve labels are adaptable packaging solutions that adhere to the shape of a container when heated, providing colorful images and 360-degree branding options for products from a variety of sectors.

Non-Tearable Labels :

Non-tearable labels are durable adhesive tags that are able to withstand ripping, tearing, and damage, ensuring longevity and readability in a variety of situations and applications.

Drum Labels :

Drum labels are bonded or printed markers that are applied on the surface of industrial drums to provide critical information such as contents, warnings and handling instructions to ensure safe storage, transportation and use. They assure regulatory compliance and promote good inventory management.

Oil-Resistant Labels :

Oil-resistant labels are sticky tags that remain intact and legible even when exposed to oils and greases, ensuring clear identification and information retention in industrial and automotive settings.

Airline Baggage Tags :

Airline baggage tags are durable labels that are attached to luggage and carry important traveler and routing information for efficient handling and tracking during air travel, assuring precise delivery and retrieval of checked bags

Pre-Printed Labels :

Pre-printed labels are sticky tags that have pre-existing graphics, information, or branding attached before purchase, making it easy to label products, packages, or assets without the need for extra printing equipment. They are useful for a variety of retail, logistical, and organizational purposes.

RFID Tags & Labels :

RFID tags and labels use radio frequency identification technology to wirelessly store and transfer data, allowing for effective item tracking, authentication, and management across a wide range of businesses, including supply chain logistics and inventory management.

Piggyback Labels :

Piggyback labels include two layers: a top layer that clings to a surface and a bottom layer that can be peeled away, allowing for temporary or extra labelling without leaving residue. They are versatile in a variety of applications, including promotions, shipping, and inventory control.

Color Changing Labels :

Color changing labels are innovative adhesive tags that change colour when exposed to environmental factors such as temperature, UV light, or pH levels, providing instant visual indicators of product freshness, safety, or quality assurance in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Tyre Labels :

Tyre labels are informative tags attached to tyres that provide important details such as fuel efficiency, wet grip performance, and noise emission levels, allowing consumers to make more educated purchasing decisions while also promoting safety and environmental consciousness in the automobile industry.

Battery Labels :

Battery labels are adhesive tags that are put to batteries to display critical information such as battery type, capacity, voltage, and safety warnings. They ensure correct usage, storage, and disposal while also improving consumer safety and regulatory compliance in the electronics and energy sectors.

Automotive Labels :

Automotive labels are specialized tags that are attached to automobiles or automotive parts to provide critical information such as VIN numbers, safety warnings, and compliance details, thereby improving regulatory compliance, part identification, and consumer safety in the automotive sector.

Filmic Labels :

Filmic labels are thin, flexible adhesive tags made of plastic films that are durable and resistant to moisture, chemicals, and tearing, making them ideal for applications requiring long-lasting, high-quality labelling solutions in industries such as food and beverage packaging, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Heat Transfer Labels :

Heat transfer labels are applied to surfaces with heat and pressure, effortlessly attaching to materials like fabrics or plastics, providing long-lasting, high-resolution graphics suitable for apparel branding, product adornment, and industrial marking applications.

Chemical Resistant Labels :

Chemical resistant labels are strong adhesive tags that can endure exposure to a variety of chemicals, solvents, and harsh conditions, ensuring long-term legibility and information retention for important labelling applications in laboratories, manufacturing, and hazardous material storage.

FDA Approved Labels :

FDA-approved labels adhere to stringent regulatory standards established by the United States Food and Drug Administration, ensuring compliance with safety and quality requirements for products intended for human consumption or medical use, and giving consumers confidence in the safety and reliability of labelled products.

Wax-resin :

Wax-resin is a printing ribbon formulation that combines resin's durability with wax's versatility, allowing for high-quality prints on a wide range of label materials while also providing enhanced resistance to smudging, scratching, and moderate chemical exposure in applications such as product labelling and asset management.

Barcode Labels :

Barcode labels are sticky tags printed with machine-readable codes that allow for efficient tracking, inventory management, and product identification across a wide range of industries, easing operations and improving accuracy in supply chain logistics and retail

Plain Labels :

Plain labels are adhesive tags that do not have pre-printed graphics or information. They are versatile for custom printing applications such as address labels, shipping labels, and product labelling, giving flexibility and convenience for a wide range of company needs.